Service Proposal

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Subject: Carpet Cleaning Provider

Thank you for allowing Lilly Carpet Cleaning Services (LCCS) to submit to you a service proposal for your consideration. We recognize the importance of the vetting process and the value of this process. Should you select us as a service provider for cleaning your carpets (or, other tasks) listed below are a few highlights:

(a) Pre-arrival- our entire technician staff has be vetted (criminal background checks and health screening) and cleared for employment. Our clients’ wellbeing is vital to us and we have taken the proper measures to safeguard privacy, safety and healthcare concerns of you.

(b) On site- our technicians are trained and experience cleaning specialist who are prepared to provide quality, reliable and consistent service. Successfully exceeding our clients’ expectations is our goal and is dependent upon us taking the correct preparation before we arrive at a work site. Before entering your property, our technicians are briefed on the service expectations of the client. Our managers closely monitor each project of ensure excellent results.

(c)  Post completion- Do not worry! Once we have professional completed our cleaning tasks, we are still available to answer any inquiries or provide additional services.

We look forward to the opportunity of becoming your cleaning service provider responsible for improving and maintaining the appearance of your business environment. Please call us if you have any questions; require additional information; are ready to schedule your carpet cleaning or other cleaning tasks.

Efi Katash.


Lilly Carpet Cleaning Services (LCCS) agrees to provide all labor, supervision, material and equipment necessary to professionally deliver the carpet cleaning (or, other cleaning service) which has been contracted, quoted and/or invoiced.


We use a sliding compensation scale based on the square meter measurement and condition of the carpet.

Our Selection of Services

We maintain a full selection of cleaning services options available to meet the needs of our commercial, corporate and residential clients. A free ocular inspection is available upon request to access your cleaning needs.  A free demonstration of our carpet cleaning process is available under particular criteria’s.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hard floor surfaces cleaning
  • Facilities janitorial and housekeeping
  • Post-Construction cleaning


We use an itemized/detailed billing statement system which provides clarity of our activities for our clients.  Our clients know clearly what services were provided to them by us. And, our payment schedule terms are as agreed upon at the conclusion of contract negotiations.


We are able to deliver superior results in part because of the quality of training and experience of our technicians; and their supervision by highly skilled managers on each project/work site.

Supplies and Equipment

We will furnish all of the chemical agents/solution and equipment needed to accomplish our work. Our carpet cleaning equipment is inclusive of but not limited to vacuums, carpet cleaning machines (wands, hoses), air circulation machines and chemical agent applicators.

Employee Status

Our technicians are employees of Lilly Carpet Cleaning Services and should not be considered otherwise while deployed on a work site. They are never employees or agents of the client under any conditions.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentially

We agree to comply with all standards of conduct regarding our clients’ security protocols, service provider regulations, client privacy, good behavior and civility conduct. Our technicians and staff members all sign a confidentially agreement barring them from sharing any and all information that could be over heard/seen/gleaned during the performance of their work assignments. In our experience, many companies do not practice “clean desk” policies and leave documents visible.  We recognize the significance of safeguarding the privacy of our clients and our discipline personnel know their responsibility regarding “no reading, viewing and touching confidential material”.

Our Philosophy

Lilly Carpet Cleaning Services success is the result of our four (4) pillars of governance: care, service, passion and citizenship which guide every business decision that we make. We believe that personal development instills self-discipline in our technicians which results in a highest quality of work and customer satisfaction- results. The formula is simple: we bring together the best people and their personal development; most effective cleaning equipment and methods; quality supplies (grade A) from reliable vendors which ensure the best outcomes.


  • RCBC Realty Corporations Manila
  • Royal Danish Embassy Manila
  • Luntea Hotel
  • Eagle view Microsourcing
  • Marriott Clark
  • Sorrosa International hotel
  • Linde Global Services Inc.
  • Concentric Inc.
  • Firstsource Solution Ltd
  • Bolton International Inc.
  • UCPB (Bank )
  • International Finance Corporation
  • Red Planet Hotels
  • PCM Inc.
  • Happy Science Makati Temple
  • Grolier Scholastics Phils.
  • Rare Job Philippines Inc.
  • Savvy Sherpa Asia Inc
  • Healthy Options
  •  Microsourcing Solutions
  •  Curo Teknika Inc
  •  Starbucks
  • Cafe24

Work Specification

We employ an eight (8) step approach to carpet cleaning. Steps may be added or reduced as required by the situation and/or carpet conditions.

Step No. 1- Inspection:

A pre-work inspection of the site is conducted prior to being work process. We perform this inspection in order to
(a) confirm the fiber make-up of the carpet;
(b) identify high traffic areas requiring special attention;
(c) identify any stains and those which may be permanent;
(d) identify areas in the carpet and/or upholstery which may be damage;
(e) verify the work order request/scope of work requested.

Step No. 2- Surface preparation and cleaning:

The removal of bonded and insoluble dry soil from carpet and/or upholstery with a vacuum cleaner occurs in this process.  Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved as the work progresses. Large pieces of furniture and equipment are left in place unless moved by the property owner/management under our regular pricing structure. We request that maximum effort be made to remove all object/equipment from the floor area to be clean. This includes computer processing units, computer peripherals and/or related items. These items will be protected to prevent damage during the cleaning process.

Step No. 3- Stain treatment:

Stains are pre-treated with a stain removal solution to begin breaking down the composition of the material “bruising” the carpet and/or upholstery.

Step No. 4- Carpet Agitation:

A rotary scrub machine may be used on the carpet to agitate and loosen up the surface area. In addition, a pre-cleaning solution is applied.

Step No. 5 Extract and Rinse:

Our cleaning shampoo is now applied at this step-in conjunction with the usage of the steam cleaning and water extraction. An imported product from Australian, our machine is built with two 3 stage vacuum motors. It is a powerhouse capable of running up to a PSI/1,000 which results in a deep clean due to the penetrating force. We use a superior machine in comparison to our competitors who often leave excess water and moister within the carpet. And, this excess water causes the carpet to re-soil quickly and encourages the growth of bacteria and mold.

Step No. 6- Air circulation:

Air movers will be used when required in order to encourage greater air circulation which contributes to the evaporation of the residue moisture in the carpet.

Step No. 7- Carpet & upholstery grooming:

The grooming process resets the nap back to an original state and helps speed the dry time.

Step No. 8- Post completion inspection:

We request a walk-through inspection of the completed work area with your representative(s) to verify that the work has completed and meets your expectation. In addition, we ask all our clients to complete a “Job Completion” form at the conclusion of our work site activities.

Our Communication Platforms

Landline: 02-7955-3586 , 032-3838-868

Globe Cellular: 09178259203



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Lilly Carpet Cleaning Services is a property cleaning service provider with a distinction. We provide a premium service at an affordable rate. Our technicians are trained, experienced and disciplined men and women prepared to clean carpets, upholstery, windows, and post-construction clean-up or provide daily janitorial services.

Please consider us. Concentrate on building your business and leave the dirt and grime to us.

FB: Lilly Carpet Cleaning – Manila
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