About Us

Lilly Carpet Cleaning services (LCCS) is proudly Philippine / Australian owned and run cleaning and property Services Company with over 25 years of experience.

Founded by the late Mr. Ross Zervas with pride and passion.

We are widely regarded as being performers leaders in this kind of industry using the latest and unique technology and workplace system.

A strong commitment to workplace safety, training employee development is also evident.

Lilly Carpet cleaning is committed to retaining your value in business and maintaining an honest open relationship with its valued clients.

We are here for the long term and believed that Success in business can only be achieved by having responsive staff who are empowered to make local decisions, and providing great quality of Service at reasonable rates.

Lilly Carpet Cleaning is the first Carpet Cleaning in Cebu and Manila using State of the Art technology that never seen before.

Lilly Carpet Cleaning is a fast growing company in Australia working in the very competitive industry, not only to make a living but also set a high

standard in the quality of cleaning Services.

Each of our employees has been trained to provide to you,our valued clients.

We have dedicated cleaners waiting to come on board to providing you the standard of Service that Lilly Carpet Cleaning are renowned for.